Laura of Poppy Hill Floral

When I was in college, I traveled with a group of students to Spain, just outside of Madrid. One evening we were driving back to our hotel after a full day, and I noticed a glimpse of a vibrant, red color ahead. My heart started pounding out of my chest, as we got closer. I was stunned when I realized it was rolling hills of vibrant, red poppies- thousands and thousands of them! Something was awakened in my soul that day. This incredible gift of the purest beauty could only be taken in for a moment, but has lasted in my memory. It was the first time I remember being utterly inspired by flowers. 

Fast forward many years later (you didn't really think I was going to tell you my age did you?), with a social work degree and years of casework experience in my pocket, and a teaching credential being put to good use, I was faced with a health crisis that impacted my vocal chord. Teaching was no longer a good option. My husband knelt before me on the night I wept and asked him "what now?" He implored me "What makes you feel most alive? Let's do that." I immediately remembered the rolling hills of poppies. 

PoppyHill was launched in 2012 and we haven't looked back. We believe in two things. Story is tied into all the best experiences in our lives, and everyone deserves moments of complete and utter beauty, designed specially for them. Our hope is that when you see your flowers on your wedding day or special event, you are reminded that you are unrepeatable, infinitely valued and wonderfully made. 

Let us tell your story.....